AKEAD Cares for Development with the
Opportunities Offered to
their Business Partners

AKEAD concentrates on the success of valuable business partners and software solutions with the business partnership program, and benefits from its experiences abroad and in the industry to offer the best service and product to its customers. With the objective of satisfying every need of its business partners, AKEAD intends to ensure a stakeholder environment where all parties win in the structuring of customers, distributors, business partners, sales points and authorized training centers in the sale, development and application of products, services and solutions.


Discover Your Potential!

The knowledge and experience of business partners in the channel structure are increased with training and support on technical, marketing and sales issues to assist them in revealing their potentials and obtaining high earnings. AKEAD, always supports its business partners and continues to work for contributing to their development. As a result, it enables our customers to use our software solutions more efficiently, increase their satisfaction levels and obtain successful results.

AKEAD Channel Structure

In the business partnership program, as a stakeholding system which consists of mutual principles, a sustainable earning opportunity is created for business partners through enriched products. A channel system is established through 5 different options, and alternatives that can be preferred by the business partners are offered.

Which companies can benefit from AKEAD channel?

All enterprises that want to enrich our solutions can provide sales, installation, training and support services for AKEAD software and products.

IT companies that sell and provide services for hardware and software products; software companies that developed or intend to develop vertical solutions; system integrators that conduct medium and large scale projects in the private industry, consulting companies that provide IT and management consulting to small, medium and large scale enterprises, and specialists who provide independent technology and process consulting; individual consultants and software developers who intend to develop software can benefit from AKEAD channel.

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How about becoming an AKEAD Business Partner and being part of this big family?

It is very easy to be the new member of the gradually growing family of AKEAD, who always address value to its business partners with its experience. With the business partnership contract you would sign as a result of your application, you can join our channel and become an important part of this journey.

Preliminary Meeting: A meeting is held with the prospective business partner to find out the mutual potentials and possibilities of winning together.

How Does the Process Continue?

Business Partner Contract: After a joint decision, a business partnership agreement is signed. Signing AKEAD business partnership agreement means actual start of the business partnership.

Training: Training is given for selling, consulting, installation and other certifications.

Preparing the Business Plan: After a joint decision, a business partnership agreement is signed. Signing AKEAD business partnership agreement means actual start of the business partnership.

Sales and Project Management: AKEAD provides complete support to business partners who are to sell products and services for the first time. The business partners become experts with joint sales and projects. Our business partners feel the support of the development, project consulting and sales team all the time during AKEAD business partnership.

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